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A Full Body Harness is the ideal body wear that should be worn by a worker, since it distributes the force of impact incurred in the event of a fall evenly on the thighs and torso region of the body. The material of construction of the webbing of SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION Harnesses is Polyester. Since this has the least elongation properties as compared to other materials, the Harness does not stretch dangerously when subjected to a fall. The wearer hence does not risk slipping out of the Harness.
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The portfolio of SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION Safety Footwear encompasses a wide range of products that are manufactured and certified to the highest quality standards. The manufacturing process in SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION Footwear production involves highly controlled machines and processes whose outcome is a product that has passed through strict quality parameters till its final stage of packaging. A dedicated designing team and a highly equipped laboratory enables SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION to evolve and innovate to fulfill the safety requirements of its esteemed customers, to suit their needs in toughest of the work conditions.
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SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION has been operating nationwide in providing the best fall arrest safety net solution in the construction industry, to enable the workers to work safely and effectively at height. The Fall Arrest Safety Nets by SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height by providing a collective level of protection. The fundamental principle governing the design and performance of SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION safety nets are as Made from high strength polypropylene ropes which are able to withstand the required load. Special knotting of the meshes work towards effective Shock Absorption, hence minimizing any impact related injury on to the worker.
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specializes in the field of Fall Protection, Head Protection, Foot Protection, Safety Nets & Reflective Safety Vests. In short, SAFEX MARKETING SOLUTION is a one stop shop for personal protective equipment, providing solutions for protection from Head to Toe. We manufacture the highest quality equipment conforming to IS & EN norms, leading the way with new innovative products and solutions with every passing year.
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